Developer Console

Developer Console

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Developer Console is a container that holds users and their data and allows for custom configuration options.

Above all, it is the main pipeline that you will integrate directly with your frontend application – web or mobile.

Developer Console is providing the base for teams that want to publish their API in order to be used by other creative teams. Teams are represented by external 3rd party customers or internal teams, both creating useful frontend web or mobile applications and do not need to reinvent the wheel – just reuse the API.

Developer Console provides useful API that allows development teams to integrate it quickly. It also provides additional modules like user profile / advanced user profile, notifications and others.

For Developer Console Admins it offers functionalities for easy administration and integration with 3rd party solutions, like Keycloak – identity and access management.

Developer Console Portal

It provides a portal which is the hub of your Developer experience.

In this portal you will be able to set up and configure your applications and backend, select which data sources you want to retrieve data from, invite team members to collaborate on your app, create and authenticate users, and manage their respective access tokens and data.

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